Benchmarked as Lowest Energy Consumption for SOP Production

Sedgman Novopro has been awarded an international patent based on a novel method to generate sulfate of potash (SOP) using energy management and process manipulations to substantially improve the efficiency of SOP processing.

This technology utilizes electrical power to upgrade and transfer heat from one part of the process to the other. This method reduces reliance on fossil fuels, thus improving the sustainability of currently utilized processes, as well as reducing operating costs. In addition to the power management feature, other inventions within the patented process allow for increased resource recovery, limiting potassium losses and maximizing value for our clients.

This innovation improves existing, proven unit operations to ensure state-of-the-art technology can be implemented. This patented process is currently being utilized by 5 SOP development projects around the world giving each an economic advantage while making them the lowest CO2 emitters compared to their peers.