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Service Commissioning, Start-up, and Operational Support

Commissioning and Start-up are critical phases for any new project/installation and require sufficient attention and management in order for the design to operate as planned. Management and performance in this phase has huge implication in the project’s ability to meet the design capacity/performance. Sedgman Novopro can provide the necessary support during the commissioning and start-up phase to help ensure a smooth operation and achieve the desired outcomes.

Example activities for which Sedgman Novopro can support include:

  • Pre-commissioning preparatory work consisting of detailed pre-commissioning plans and schedules, assembling of pre-commissioning manuals and vendors’ manuals
  • Assisting the Client with preparation for the operations of the new drier systems and their integrations with existing plant operations team
  • Simulation of the operations within the control systems ahead of start up to understand the controls logic of this system and its impact on the existing plant
  • Assisting the Client in the Execution of Pre-commissioning activities including:
    • Developing the commissioning plan
    • Reviewing of punch lists developed during the construction and Mechanical Completion Stage, and ensuring that they have been addressed and closed out
    • Assisting in the execution of Commissioning (Cold and Hot Commissioning) and testing under Load
    • Assisting in start-up activities of the processing plant with The Client
Service Commissioning, Start-up, and Operational Support

In many instances, operating facilities require support to help with issues related to production or to perform evaluations for how operations can be further improved.

Sedgman Novopro personnel, have experience with supporting operations whether it be performing root cause analysis to identify issues impacting production, evaluating equipment performance, or modelling a circuit to understand real-time productivity. Sedgman Novopro can provide operational support to help achieve the desired outcome.