Sedgman Novopro can scope, design, implement and analyse the necessary testwork programs to optimize and validate the process design. The goals of a pilot program are specifically tailored to the needs and objectives of the project to validate the processing routes, as well as providing large-scale data to optimize the engineering design.

Pilot Plant

Pilot Plants

Pilot plants can be used to simulate unit operations and observe process data and operational efficiency in order to mitigate and optimize production inefficiencies. Sedgman Novopro has been involved in planning, installation, commissioning, operation, analysis and optimization of pilot plant programs.

Past pilot plant programs have included some of the following:

  • Optimization of comminution circuits involving both crushing and grinding to identify optimal particle size distribution and size reduction techniques
  • Evaluation of dewatering and solid-liquid separation circuits to determine process operating conditions
  • Testing of slurry densities to evaluate pumping capabilities, including equipment and material selection
  • Evaluation of flotation circuit configurations and operating parameters for sulfide copper ores
  • Testing of ore sorting to optimize grade and feed rate for low-grade copper ores
  • Design, test and optimization of complete process circuits for gold deposits including comminution, gravity separation, flotation, cyanidation and oxidation methods
  • Optimization of iron ore comminution, magnetic separation and flotation circuits
  • Design and optimization of copper oxide heap-leaching configurations
  • Compaction testing and circuit design for compacted/granular potash product
  • Design, procurement, construction and operation of continuous pilot plants to mimic steady state conditions and simulate commercial unit operations for process validation
  • Generation of significant quantities of finished product from project-based resource for marketing purposes

Pilot Ponds

Pilot ponds can be used to produce representative crude salts from the source brine, to confirm evaporation rates, to provide equilibrium and kinetic data, or to gather data on pond start-up. Pilot ponds are also often used to produce and provide feed material for a subsequent process testwork programs.


Field Testing

Sedgman Novopro has extensive experience in the development and oversight of field-testing programs for all project areas. Theoretical data and assumptions require experimental data for confirmation. These tests are conducted to reduce risk and gain opportunities from specifically curated test programs.

Sedgman Novopro has performed tests for some of the following areas of process development:

  • Geological/hydrogeological investigations
  • Extraction techniques
  • Meteorological data analysis
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Solid/Liquid Separation
  • Drying
  • Compaction/Granulation